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Better Together (IBT)

The Better Together Campaign is what happens when students from all kinds of religious and non-religious traditions work to make the world better, together.

Bible Club

Bible Club is an organization that aims to go deeper into studying and exploring the Word of God while simultaneously enriching our personal relationship with God. We aim to see the glory of God and experience his ultimate joy.

Bridges International (Bridges)

Bridges is a student organization that helps international students adapt to American life, create social networks for them, as well as provide spiritual resources.

Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru)

IIT Cru is a passionate, Christ-centered community that reaches out to students openly and graciously, helping them: -consider who Jesus is, -authentically follow Him, and -share about their faith.

Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM)

The Catholic Campus Ministry is a Catholic organization on IIT campus who is also involved with St. James Catholic Church. We aim to be an inclusive community for anybody practicing Catholicism or those interested in the faith.


IIT Hillel's mission is to promote a climate in which the Jewish community can assemble and share our customs in a welcoming and pluralistic atmosphere.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF)

In response to God's love, grace & truth: The Purpose of the Chapter is to establish & advance at IIT witnessing communities of students & faculty who follow Jesus as Savior & Lord: growing in love for God, God's Word, God's people.

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

Our vision is to be the benchmark student organization known for offering continuous help and support to students throughout their academic journey at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Pakistan Student Association (PSA)

There is no other organization at IIT that specifically promotes cultural and humanitarian awareness of Pakistan. With this organization, IIT student body will be enriched with the knowledge of a country that significantly impacts the world community.

Spiritual Life and Diversity Services (SLDS)

Part of the Office of Campus Life, Spiritual Life and Diversity serves students of all backgrounds, both religious and secular, and works to foster a safe and inclusive campus for the entire Illinois Tech community.

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