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Carman 2,3

Carman 2nd, and 3rd Floors

Carman 4,5

Carman 4th and 5th Floors

Carman 6,7

Carman 6th, and 7th Floors

Carman 8,9

Carman Hall Floors 8 and 9.

Carman Hall

Carman Hall

Cassandra Reineke-Rysle peer mentor group

Cassandra Reineke Peer Mentor Group

Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM)

The Catholic Campus Ministry is a Catholic organization on IIT campus who is also involved with St. James Catholic Church.

Chainless Challenge

The purpose of this organization shall be to inspire and empower young engineers to want to learn and innovate through the use of fluid-powered vehicles.

ChBE Graduate Student Association

The purpose of this organization shall be to improve the overall experience of graduate students in the ChBE department through professional development and interaction with other students and alumni who are at various periods of their careers.

Chess Club (ITCC)

The purpose of this organization shall be to create a competitive and immersive chess atmosphere and encourage interest in chess on campus both from within and outside of the university community.